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Animals Snowboard Protect Corver

Animals Snowboard Protect Corver

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Animals Snowboard Protect Cover

  1. The board cover is made of 3.5mm thick SBR high elastic waterproof fabric, which is waterproof/elastic and stretchable/anti-bump and anti-scratch, thick and breathable, and comfortable to the touch. The cover itself is cut in one piece, no sewing.
  2. Both ends of the sleeve are equipped with protective rubber, which can withstand double impacts and effectively protect the blade.
    Removable shoulder straps with sturdy buckle links, easy to install and easy to carry.
  3. Handheld padding for more comfortable use.
  4. Three-stage fixing design, the center Velcro and the two sides of the buckle fixing to ensure that the bundle is firm and not shaking.
  5. Velcro with a small pocket, easy to place small items
  6. For other payment methods, please contact customer service. WeChat: snowboardanimals



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